I did a little searching and found a couple of old threads about open bottles. I'd like to approach open bottles from a different point of view. Through chats, forums, and in person with other members, it seems a few/lot of us have quite a few open bottles. IMHO, there are basically three reasons for a person to have so many open bottles.

#1. Something brand new. Buy it, open it, taste it, put it on the shelf. Maybe keep drinking it. Maybe not.

Reason #1, leads directly to what I think are the two main reasons that some of us have so many open bottles.

#2. A bottle just doesn't taste that good. A bottle is opened. It's not very good. It's put on the shelf with a lot of other bottles that taste better. Why finish something that isn't that good, when you have others that are better?

#3. A bottle tastes almost too good, or it's something fairly rare. You want to savor it. Keep it around a while. You just can't seem to bring yourself to finish it.

So, what bottles do you have open because they are:

A. Not that good. Too hard to finish.

B. Too good, or rare. Don't really want to finish them.

Let's hear it.

As for me. My current choices are:
A. Current Yellowstone, current Rebel Yell, Henry McKenna SB BIB
B. Most all my Weller's, Van Winkle's, and BTAC

Hope we can have a little fun with this. Cheers! Joe