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Thread: Open Bottles

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    Re: Open Bottles

    Wow Joe.... You don't like the Henry McKenna SB BIB? I love that stuff... You sure you didn't get a bad batch....

    A. Jury is still out for this one... I haven't purchased a hater yet.
    B. All the PVW'S

    I can learn to resist anything but temptation.

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    Re: Open Bottles

    It's hard for me to classify my open bottles...

    A) For sure my EC12 that is iffy... and some Old Fitz BIB (current) I don't enjoy. Although both have 1-2 pours left and I'm trying to kill them off.

    B) Hmmm well my amazingly good Halloween edition of WTKS sits open because I only drink it with friends. It's the best turkey I've had, and I would rather others enjoy it with me. Same goes with a few really off the wall dusty bottles, they are good but I want to share so I rarely drink them alone.

    The other 20-30 open bottles I have open because I just don't drink fast enough. I want different bottles different days, and sometimes I only want .5 ounce or so to have a little taste. I could drink faster, but I would rather just enjoy open bottles at a slow pace.
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    Re: Open Bottles

    A) Dickel CH (tastes cheap and nasty yet cost me around £35!), Georgia Moon (I bought this as a joke and regretted it the second i tasted it, will be brought out to ward people off my stash), JB Rye (very lacking in depth)

    B) Everything else that isn't easily available so anything that isn't JBW, JBB, BT, MM!
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    Re: Open Bottles

    In my liquor cabinet that could be a kitten.
    rolling on the floor laughing.

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    Re: Open Bottles

    my open bottles are mainly because i want to savor them for a while or share with a friend. if my running low on something hard to find and i really want my brother to taste it, ill drink something else in the meantime until we can finish the good bottle together. i also like variety sometimes so ill different bottles open that have different mashbills.

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    Re: Open Bottles

    Quote Originally Posted by Rughi View Post
    #4 Don't drink in great quantities, but still want variety.

    I would guess I drink 6-10 bottles a year, and for several years probably opened more than 20 a year. There are a lot of flavors I want to try now, not wait a few years until other bottles are drained.

    I guess I could become a heavier drinker, but I'd rather not.

    I would have said the same thing Roger. I was just having this conversation with two fellow enthusiasts the other night. I don't drink every night and when I do have a pour, really no more than 1.5 - 2 oz. I go through about 10 bottles a year, yet I have about 55 or so open bottles. I would say the main reason is because of holding tasting events where I supply some or all of the bourbon or through sharing and I open a new bottle to try. I put forth a good faith effort in getting my open bottle count to maybe 20 or so but failed miserably and just accept now that I'll always have many bottles open. To Roger's point, having that many bottles open means I have a wide variety from which to choose......not bad thing.
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    Re: Open Bottles

    I got an open one that is having a hard time competing with the others in my stash: The Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel. Just not remarkable in any good way -- not even price. At least my current Old Fitz BIB was $15. A little rough around the edges, sure. But it's my favorite $15 bottle of pretty much anything...

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    Re: Open Bottles

    Quote Originally Posted by fishnbowljoe View Post
    I did a little searching and found a couple of old threads about open bottles. I'd like to approach open bottles from a different point of view. Through chats, forums, and in person with other members, it seems a few/lot of us have quite a few open bottles. IMHO, there are basically three reasons for a person to have so many open bottles.

    #1. Something brand new. Buy it, open it, taste it, put it on the shelf. Maybe keep drinking it. Maybe not.

    Reason #1, leads directly to what I think are the two main reasons that some of us have so many open bottles.

    #2. A bottle just doesn't taste that good. A bottle is opened. It's not very good. It's put on the shelf with a lot of other bottles that taste better. Why finish something that isn't that good, when you have others that are better?

    #3. A bottle tastes almost too good, or it's something fairly rare. You want to savor it. Keep it around a while. You just can't seem to bring yourself to finish it.

    So, what bottles do you have open because they are:

    A. Not that good. Too hard to finish.

    B. Too good, or rare. Don't really want to finish them.

    Let's hear it.

    As for me. My current choices are:
    A. Current Yellowstone, current Rebel Yell, Henry McKenna SB BIB
    B. Most all my Weller's, Van Winkle's, and BTAC

    Hope we can have a little fun with this. Cheers! Joe
    I like Old Heaven Hill (8 yr) for an inexpensive pour, but tried HH BIB and I just don't care to finish it. To my taste it is young and just not very good.

    I have a bottle of 4RS single I really like and try to only have a pour on special occasions. A Makers kinda the same. I like rye sometimes and wheat sometimes, depending on my mood, I guess.

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    Re: Open Bottles

    I keep 10 or so open. Half are fueled by 1.75's underneath the bar out of site that I fill the respective 750s. Those are my every days. The other 5 are rare or over $25 bottles from which I partake less often.

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    Re: Open Bottles

    Hold on a cotton-pickin' minute...you people OPEN your bottles?
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