Is anyone here familiar with It is the website for a tasting and ranking of all kinds of liquor. This tasting challenge took place at the Astor Center in New York back in March. i'll cut and paste the top of the whiskey list-I just want some feed back their winner and how it beat some of the most revered whiskey names on this board.
USA & Canada: Whisky/Whiskey

Accolade ScoreSpirit Name Chairmanís Trophy WinnerExtraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation97George Dickel No. 12 10 yr old Tennessee Whiskey (USA); 45% abv, $17
FinalistExtraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation95Sazerac Kentucky Straight 18 yr old Rye Whiskey (USA); 45% abv, $69.99
FinalistExcellent, Highly Recommended94Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Bourbon (USA); 45.2% abv, $32.99
FinalistExcellent, Highly Recommended93Crown Royal XR Canadian Blended Whisky (Canada); 40% abv, $165
Excellent, Highly Recommended93Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon (USA); 45% abv, $24.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended93Four Roses Mariage 10 yr old Bourbon (USA); 54.8% abv, $79.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended93Pappy Van Winkle Kentucky Straight Bourbon 20 yr old Bourbon (USA); 45.2% abv, $99.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended93Parker's Heritage Collection Golden Anniversary Bourbon (USA); 50% abv, $150
Excellent, Highly Recommended93William Larue Weller Kentucky Straight 12 yr old Bourbon (USA); 62.7% abv, $69.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended92Bulleit Blue Label Bourbon (USA); 40% abv, $30
Excellent, Highly Recommended92Evan Williams Single Barrel 2000 Vintage 10 yr old Bourbon (USA); 43.3% abv, $24.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended92Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon (USA); 40% abv, $18.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended92Hirsch Selection Small Batch Reserve 4 yr old Bourbon (USA); 46% abv, $35.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended92Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbon (USA); 50.5% abv, $45