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    Re: Apprehensive about opening a "good" bottle?

    I am never apprehensive about opening a new bottle. I AM apprehensive about finishing a good bottle. Especially if I don't have a backup. A few Willetts come to mind.. they will remain opening for a few more years until I reluctantly finish them off.
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    Re: Apprehensive about opening a "good" bottle?

    I guess the only bottles that I have real apprehension about opening are items that are not sold in my state. I have some stuff like Old Bardstown Estate Bottled, Cabin Still, Mellow Corn... (nothing too expensive or rare). These are all bottles I picked up while traveling. The funny thing is there is a lot of the high end stuff out there I could buy locally any day except Sunday. Something like Mellow Corn on the other hand, I would need to go to KY to replace. I don't have anything I would never open. I think there is a happy medium of having both a collection and a couple opened in the cabinet.



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