For my birthday I ordered a bottle of Murray McDavid Isle of Arran 1996, aged 12 years. It sounded promising: 46% alc/vol, uncoloured, non-chillfiltered, finished in chateau Margeaux casks.

I received the bottle yesterday. Opened it, took a sniff. Nice fruit and malt, very Arran-ish. Poured a glass. All is well. Took a sip. Thick fruit and malt, nice and rich. Then after a few seconds the sweetness began to disperse and that is where everything went wrong. Instead of the expected tannic oakiness, I got a mouthful of sour. Two more sips and I identified the taste: sulpher. I got a mouthful of raw sulpher smoke back in science class and you never forget that taste. The sulpher flattened all other flavours and lingered for a long while on my breath. Today I took back the bottle and exchanged it for Lagavulin 16. What a relief that was.

Anyone else have any sulferous horror stories to share?