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    Something new just out in Toronto, a 42% ABV whisky (not indicated as Canadian) called Proof Whisky. Sold in a 500 ml oversized test tube-like bottle. Cool, minimalist look. Cost about $20.00. A small square label affixed to look triangular states it is "two grains", being rye and wheat. A web site is mentioned, on which a brand of vodka and rum similarly packaged also are shown. Proof Brands is based in Toronto, but I can't tell from these sources who is behind this. It is very good, with a light appley smell, soft body, light natural sweetness, and good hints of oak and char. More assertive than the regular run of Canadian whisky but not like straight bourbon or rye. Basically Canadian in profile, as most of the Canadian craft or craft-style releases have been, but it doesn't taste as neutral to me as most Canadian whisky.

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