Here are some helpful hints for newbies to SB.Com.
1. Take a look at the Bourbon Recommendations, New User Guidelines, and Frequently Used Abbreviations posts at the top of the New To Straightbourbon page. I must admit, I didn't look that closely at these when I first became a member. Thankfully the members here are patient, and they "gently" pointed me in the right direction.
2. Take some time and browse some of the different posts/threads. This may help you get a better understanding of this site and some of its members.
3. Try and fill out your profile with as much information as possible. This may help members gain a better understanding of you.
4. Do a little search in the history of some of the posts/threads. There's a ton of information to be found. We have members from all walks of life, and some from within the bourbon industry itself. "It don't git no better than that."
5. Feel free to ask questions. (after looking at #'s 1, 2, & 4 ) Chances are about 99.9 % that someone will have an answer. If not, we have some very resourceful members that will try there darndest to find an answer for you.
6. Lastly, And most important of all, have some fun! Don't take yourself too seriously, and we'll try not to take ourselves too seriously either.

So, there it is. Take this as its meant, a helpful welcome to SB.Com. We're all here sharing a common bond. BOURBON! Welcome to SB and let the good times pour. It's all good! Joe