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    Lord Calvert American Whiskey?

    so my wifes great uncle used to run a liquor store. i found an old crate in her moms basement the other which said something along the lines of "Lord Calvert: Best American Whiskey." they said the crate came from his liquor store years ago.

    unfortunately, the crate had tools in it and no liquor. but in doing searches online i can only find a Lord Calvert Canadian blended whiskey. does anyone know if there was an actual Lord Calvert blend distilled in the US for US consumption?

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    Re: Lord Calvert American Whiskey?

    Sometime between 1955 and 1959 Calvert's American blend changed from "Lord Calvert" to "Calvert Reserve".

    Ad for Lord Calvert

    Ad for Calvert Reserve

    Sometime between November 1961 and October 1963 it changed to "Calvert Extra" which is what it is today.
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