I don't know of any great American Blended Whiskies currently available. I personally have never tasted one that I thought was even very interesting. Randy wrote recently about a ho-hum Charter blend, and I was reminded by a post today asking about Calvert, but I don't know of one that raised much enthusiasm. Some of us tasted Caribou Crossing and remarked that it might be the best example of what a good blended would be, but of course it's a Canadian.

If someone were to attempt a really great American Blended, perhaps these are some of the things that would make it successful:
  • Main spirit aged in used cooperage, not GNS (aping Scotch blends) to avoid the ethanol whiff
  • Sweet oak, some tobacco, and vanilla in nose
  • Minimal presence of corn oiliness to avoid a cloying body
  • Clean flavor - no musty, grassy or eucalyptus notes
  • Moderate oak flavor, but controlled oak astringency
  • Somewhat or fairly dry on the finish
  • Perhaps a short finish to beg another sip

It's funny, as I type this, it seems I'm definitely pointing towards a high wheat mash, perhaps some rye or not, but definitely a restrained corn content. I'm not trying to make a joke, but maybe what I'm really describing is a version of MM46, lightened with some Bernheim wheat aged in used cooperage. If it were for me, I'd like a bit of rye whimsy, the type that Sazerac Jr. has without the heaviness of Rittenhouse or WT rye.

What would a great American Blended Whiskey be for others?