With apologies to the late John Lee Hooker, who sang of "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"...

This is actually a continuation of the Johnnie Walker leg of my "First Impressions..." thread in this forum.

I've forgotten now who mentioned drinking Black Bush and bourbon in close proximity, but I did exactly that yesterday, and then some.

I reached for my nearly full, first bottle of Black Bush in mid-afternoon, recalling that it is quite gentle, which is what I thought I was in the mood for. One drink of it was enjoyable, and I was quite intrigued by a fruity flavor that developed late on the palete -- quite unlike any liquor I've ever tasted.

However, when it came time to pour a second drink, I felt a need for a little more oomph, but not too much more. I selected Old Fitz 1843. To my amazement it delivered at least twice the flavor of the Black Bush, and it did so without becoming harsh or hot. For the first time I really tasted it. I tasted corn, char, caramel, leather, and I'm not sure what else. And to think that in the past I had found it pleasant but rather nondescript. It certainly didn't come off that way compared to Black Bush, which IMO is a fine example of Irish whiskey (not that I've had all that many).

In the evening, an hour or two before bedtime I wanted another drink. I finally worked up the nerve to open a bottle of Laphroig 10 year that I've had for a few months. With only one drink of Lagavulin 16 as a reference point in regard to peat, I found it to be strongly peaty, a little sweet, and not much else. Yes, there was a lot of flavor, but it was all of the same kind, and not altogether tasty.

I intend to continue exploring other whisk(e)y, but in my heart I know I'll always be a bourbon drinker first by a wide margin, both by degree of preference and by volume consumed. On top of that it's a good buy compared to any other style of whisk(e)y I've tried.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield