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    Evan Williams Millennium Globe Decanter Question

    A small local liquor has two cases (12) of Evan Williams Millennium Globe Decanters in the back that has been there since he bought the store. He wants $50 each. Is this something worth have for the bourbon or the decanter?

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    Re: Evan Williams Millennium Globe Decanter Question

    I have a couple of those. They're neat as a novelty, and the bourbon inside is pretty good, if there has been no oxidation, etc. It will be Evan Williams Single Barrel 1990. Some on this board rate that years release as some of the best from the EWSB line-up. That price sounds pretty high, though. I don't remember what I paid, but I'm sure it was significantly less than $50. Also, beware of the fill level. These particular decanters are notorious for leakage and evaporation. If you can get him down on the price, they're worth having, IMO.

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    Re: Evan Williams Millennium Globe Decanter Question

    They're showing up on ebay also - just saw two this past week. Has to be one of the odder decanter ideas anyone has come up with. Would look cool behind a bar...
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