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    2 different Rock Hill Farms?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about there being 2 different proofs of Rock Hill Farms. I recently purchased a bottle, among too many others , of Rock Hill Farms from the Sam's warehouse sale and was shocked when it arrived. Well shocked for one that they sent me a bottle missing the whole plastic golden plaque from the front but mainly because up until know the bottles I have had all said bottled in bond around the neck and were 100 proof. The bottle I got from Sams is only 80 proof and it doesn't have the bottled in bond written on the tag. Now I know that to be Bottled in Bond it must be 100 proof but I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there were/are still these 2 versions made or did they just send me a really old bottle since it was from the 'sale'. I've included pics of the back labels from both a 100 and an 80 proof bottle. I guess I got what I paid for this time. NOTE: Neither of these are the new style bottle that Rock Hill uses w/o the gold plaque. There has to be some people in the know on this who are out there...

    --> Mark R.
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