I am not a fan of sweet BBQ sauces. They have their place but they are not something I turn to that often. I very much like North Carolina BBQ sauce. This is a vinegar based sauce. I have made my own NC style sauce up for years but decided to play with my reciepe a little bit. Rather than use salt I substituted an industrial restaurant product called Beef Base that is found in many grocery stores. I buy mine from the BJs Wholesale Clubs. You can, of course use salt to your taste. The addition of bourbon adds just the right amount of sweetness to this sauce. Here is my first experimental receipe:

1.Two cups Apple Cider Vinegar

2. One teaspoon Beef Base (unconstituted beef broth powder may work but I have not tried it yet.

3. One tablespoon crushed red chili flakes

4. Half-teaspoon ground ginger powder

5. Half-teaspoon smoked paprika

6. Half-teaspoon cumin

7. One clove

7. Two shots bourbon...maybe more.

Mix all ingrediants and allow to sit, refrigerated, for a few hours before use. Adjust ingredients to suit your tastes. The longer it sits the more firey the chilis will become and the more vibrant the flavors will manifest themselves. If anyone else mixes this up I'd be interested in your comments about additional experiments as I am not certain this is the finished product yet. The flavor I am headed for is vinegary, firey and salty.