Ancient Ancient Age 8 year old is now being exported to Japan. I just bought a bottle and my wife and I have just done a taste comparison with AAA 10 star (6 y.o., I think.) The color of the two is identical. The nose is similar, but you get more vanilla/honey with the 8 y.o. and less of that whiff of raw alcohol (which I don't dislike anyway). The 8 is bottled at 86 proof (v.s. 90 for the 10*). I'm guessing the extra water cut back the color that the 2 extra years in the barrel added. The taste of each backs up what the nose promises. Yep, it's good solid bourbon.

AAA 10* has always gotten respect in this house, but personally, I give the edge to 8 y.o. The wife goes the other way, with a slight preference for the younger juice. But really, we can't find that much difference either way.

[End of reconnaissance report. Over and out.]