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Try this one:


1.5oz Rittenhouse BiB
.75oz Laird's BiB
.75oz Green Chartreuse

Combine everything in a cocktail glass, add ice and stir well. Strain, garnish as you please, enjoy!
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I've messed around with many Diamondback variants since the drink was first made for me a couple years ago, and I have to say the one in the PDT Cocktail Book, while unorthodox, might be my favorite:

2 oz. Rittenhouse BIB
.5 oz. Laird's BIB
.5 oz. Yellow Chartreuse
I ended up making the top recipe on Friday and, for me the, .75 of Chartreuse defintely overpowered the Rit.

I made another go of it on Saturday and think I dialed it in pretty good for my tastes.

I settled on the following

2.5oz Ritt
1oz Lairds
.5oz Green Chartruese

This was pretty balanced and allowed the Ritt to remain at the forefront where it was rounded out by the Lairds and Chartreuese.

I had never had a Diamondback but, must say I definitely enjoyed this one very much. I will definitely be making a few more of these.