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    Re: What Beer Are You Drinking Fall 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman View Post
    Pilsener Urquel on draft in particular was extremely good with a full hop taste I don`t detect even in the same beer freshly imported (good as it is). I brought an Urquel canned only 3 months ago from Toronto and tasted it next to a bottled Urquel bought in Munich which was a couple of months older judging again by the 9 month dating system. (The tour group was completely bemused by this and understandably so, it`s sad the lengths the geeks will go to understand beer - and whiskey - quality). The European-sourced Urquel had an evidently stronger flavour with a burst of fresh hop notes the export lacked even though the latter was apparently fresher stock. I`m still trying to figure that one. Even Heineken in Europe seems so much better than what we get here. I guess it must be the transport factor.

    I brought a bottle of export Heineken with me on a trip to the Netherlands in 1991 so I could compare it against one from there. Of course, totally different animals with strong tingling hops and complete absence of the sour vegetal taste so common in the export. At that time the Belgium beers were coming on really strong in the Amsterdam bars but I actually drank more Heineken on tap because it was so damn good and different from the Heineken here. In a trip to Ireland and England in 1980 I also thought about bringing some Harp and Bass export bottles with me for comparison but first wife freaked and I guess that's why I have a second .


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    Re: What Beer Are You Drinking Fall 2010

    Hey Joe, I'm still trying to like that Chocolate Bock. I started with it one evening and the sweetness got me. But I bet it would be nice to finish the evening with it as a "dessert".

    I always used their Cranberry Lambic to cook with. Added a little fruity sweetness to chilis or stews. I know, some are going to say "Sweetness to chili?" But go look at some of the "Championship Chili Recipes". Many add some form of sugar and citrus at the end of cooking to add depth and to brighten the flavors.


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    Re: What Beer Are You Drinking Fall 2010

    Glad I'm not the only one out there who thinks of doing these comparisons.

    I guess in the end beer is best closest to home. I've tried to parse it a million ways, but it seems to come back to that, with some exceptions.




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