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I just heard from him and he said he heard this false info from a liquor store owner, didn't say who it was.
Makes sense to me, I've dealt with retailers for several decades and they are the most clueless group of people that I know of.
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Yeah, mostly. There are exceptions. I'm lucky to know one.
I should apologze to some of the best retailers I know, so here goes.
I apologize to the following because I love ya and you do a great job.

Joe and Brett at Binny's IL
Sal and Carolyn at The Thoroughbred Shop KY
Brian at Cork N Bottle KY
Ryan at Julio's Liquor MA
Jay at The Party SourceKY

The majority that I sell to are lazy-assed Yankee Rednecks with a chip on their shoulder and have never done a day's work in their lives and have a handful of gimme and mouthful of much obliged.
The best that I sell to are Arab Americans who are natural born capitalist and are more American than Americans. They work hard to please their customers and are always ready to work with me on new marketing promotions.