Sorry about posting this months BOTM a little late. Again. I've been a bit busy. I also apologize if I said anything to anyone about something else being the BOTM, but.... I received something of a hint/suggestion from a member about the possibilities of other ryes as BOTM. Soooooo, this months BOTM is Sazerac Rye.

Known as Sazerac Rye, Baby Saz, Saz Jr, Saz. Whatever name you wish. Let's here your thoughts about Sazerac Rye. Personally, I'm not much of a rye guy. Most of you know that my preference is for wheaters. I have tasted Baby Saz a couple of times, and I have bought a few bottles of Everett's 09 bottling of it. I must say that Baby Saz doesn't have the bite or bitterness that some ryes seem to have to me. There's just a hint of sweetness there that seems to take the edge off a bit. Not too bad. While I won't go out and buy a bunch, I won't stick my nose up at it either. As I am want to say sometimes, it's all good. Cheers and good posting. Joe