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Could not disagree more strongly with the gent who suggest Overholt or Beam Rye. Those two, in my humble estimation, are the most worthless ryes on the market, bar none. The Beam rye doesn't taste a damn thing like rye (too sweet, just like normal white label Beam) and Overholt tastes like sweaty socks...it has a mold/foul flavor, though it does smell decent enough.

See my other post, newcomer to rye, if you want to try something excellent, not break the bank and find out if you actually LIKE rye whiskey, go grab a bottle of Pikesville for $12-15...you can thank me later...it's the same juice as Rittenhouse BiB, just a younger expression.

I hope you'll join the rye army, my friend...I have actually largely left bourbon behind and am now drinking rye about 90% of the time.
While I agree with you in regards to the quality of Fortune Brand's Ryes, I think that you're oversimplifying the Pikesville/RittBiB connection. RittBiB is older than Pikesville, but not by much, but it's also 100proof, and having had Pikesville, Ritt80, and RittBiB, I feel that they all show quite differently. As for quality, RittBiB is leagues ahead of the others mentioned. The problem is finding it on the shelf.