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A savvy marketing department could certainly take a shot at creating a similar association between their top-of-the-line bourbons and their everyday pours.


Maybe you got deludged with a marketing compaign on the west coast for GTS . The way I saw it was a 200 ml sample was provided for the Whiskey of the year award. Those of us who went to BT in September( Thanks Omar) sucked down a 350ml bottle and a little bit more from another. I can't sit here and say the advertizing budget was nil, because beyond a certain point I don't see all that's out there. Were there full page ads in Playboy? The Wall Street Journal? Is there a George T Stagg car in Nascar? Who drives it? Do they have a hot air balloon? I will see that a little closer to derby time if it does exist. I haven't seen any GTS billboards in Louisville , of course that doesn't mean they aren't somewhere. I don't nessessarily think we have a lot of influence here at SB.com, but I think what influence we have is of a high quality. At the very least BF and BT knows us. No one is asking them to do anything very unusual , just pick a few good barrels of whiskey. If I have a bottle of GTS in my hands I can turn my back and walk away from nearly any other whiskey that's out there, Would I ? No, there's no use in painting myself in a corner when there is so much to enjoy.