Here's how I see it, Marvin. In any indusrty the consumer is king, and the world of whiskey is no different. A lot of money is spent in knowing who the consumers are what they want or think they want.

We here on StraightBourbon.Com are basically a free focus group of primarily bourbon enthusiasts. What we are talking is important and what we aren't talking about is just as important. While we don't hold sway of the markets we can and have swayed the views of some in the American whiskey business.

We're really not asking for too much as I see it: 1) better bourbon at 2) reasonable prices in 3) pretty packages (that aren't too expensive and don't drive up the price), and 4) a bit more honesty about where the bourbon is coming from (who really distilled it and where and when) and what the mashbill may be. That's not too much to ask for in my not so humble opinion.

Things NOT to ask for is the further Scotchification of Bourbon. The very last thing that I'd like to see is the further rise in prices to cover the cost of overpriced packaging or expensive advertising campaigns for the sole purpose of trying to elevate bourbon as the hooty-snooty whisky of choice of pompus asses everywhere as has been done with scotch. That tactic I think we can do without, and in all probability would ultimately backfire. The snob appeal of scotch only appeals to snobs in the first place. I'm just sorry that there seem to be so many of the shallow creatures around. I do realize that there are folks that really do like scotch and some are on this forum. These folks are obvioulsly not snobs or they wouldn't be here. No offence is ment to y'all and I do hope that none is taken.

I would rather see a simple "No brag - just fact" - (John Wayne) approach that would simply state that Bourbon is the very best whiskey on the planet - bar none (which it is) Point out why, as many numerous good marketing points exist without making anything up. There you would have all of the 'hoot' with none of the 'snoot'.