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    Re: George's peach brandy

    I have followed the George Washington's Distillery story for years. One claim I find interesting is one Tom repeats in his blog post: "It's not common knowledge, but our founding father was, at one time, the largest commercial whiskey producer in the U.S."

    What the research actually shows is that Washington's operation was substantial for the period and may have been one of the largest at that time. With no additional information having been discovered, this has evolved into the statement above.

    We do so love hyperbole.

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    Re: George's peach brandy

    The peach brandy sounds tasty. Can you let us know when your own run is released? I may add a bottle of it to the kirch and framboise that I have put away for when the clear sports urge hits me.
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    Re: George's peach brandy

    We will bottle ours today. Hope on sale in our tsting room end of the week. I do not know if we will distribute it or not yet. Tastes like peach cobbler.



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