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    New whiskey - Koval's Lion's Pride

    From an email alert:

    "Whiskeyfest, Nashville, and (finally) a whiskey to call our own.
    Koval Distillery Newsletter: October 2010
    Fall has arrived – the perfect time to sip our Coffee Liqueur or a white whiskey on a chilly Sunday afternoon and ruminate on the busy holiday months ahead. (One of our favorite places to do so is the lovely Sable Bar at the Palomar Hotel, Chicago. These skilled bartenders can guide your palette to perfect bliss. Ask for a white whiskey neat, or let them do their wonders with the American Oat.)

    Koval Distillery will be pouring at Whiskeyfest San Francisco (October 8th) and Whiskeyfest New York (November 9th). Our distiller, Robert Birnecker, will be available at these annual events to introduce the East and West Coasts to our spirits. A special sneak-peek of Lion’s Pride Organic Whiskey will be also be available to VIP ticketholders. Tickets still available at the Malt Advocate.

    For our Midwest fans, Indy’s Whiskey and Fine Spirits Expo is October 15 in Indianapolis. This 2nd annual event will feature many fine American craft distillates. Tickets still available at Vine and Table.

    Our spirits are now available for purchase in Nashville, Tennessee. Our southern friends can pick up bottles to take home at liquor stores across the city, or enjoy a delightful White Manhattan at cocktail bar The Patterson House. We also just gained distribution in Kentucky, Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware.

    Finally, a whiskey to call our own: Lion’s Pride Organic Whiskey. The first (legal) whiskey distilled in Chicago since Prohibition, Lion’s Pride will debut in Chicago on November 6 at Delilah’s Chicago. Koval Distillery has carefully aged the Rye and Oat distillates in new American Oak barrels to give Chicago what it craves, and more mash bills will be released in future. Invitations to the opening party will be out soon, so you won’t miss this historic event."

    Lion's Pride Organic Whiskey

    Interesting, all of their barrels are from the Barrel Mill in Minnesota - northern American oak.
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