Ralph at Tuthilltown has a post on ADI Forums entitled "IS IT WHISKEY?" in their forum "General Discusion". He says that BEAM BRANDS has applied for COLA approvals for their blended whiskeys with the use of cane neutral spirits derived from cane and molasses from the Virgin Islands. There is ambiguity in the regulations by the use of the phrase "neutral spirits" which is not specific to grain.

His point: If the COLA is approved, BEAM will have redefined whiskey as not specific to grains, or at least blended whiskey as not having to use only grains as a source for alcohol.

Is this an issue for most whiskey drinkers? Does anyone here drink Eight Star or other US blended whiskeys? I think blends have what I think of as a vodka aftertaste. I wonder what a rum aftertaste would be like. Is this a good, bad, or indifferent thing?