The Kentucky Distillers Association has a new website which I read about on John Hansell's site today. As part of the site there is a list of facts about Bourbon which unforunately, perpetuates the myth of the Kentucky only label. Here is what they say: Kentucky is the only state with a federal classification for labeling purposes (Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey). Here's the link:

This statement is a little more nuanced then what is usually stated (that Kentucky is the only state name that can have its name on a Bourbon label), but I still don't buy it. There is not a single mention of Kentucky in the regs. Other than that, I don't know what "federal classification" there is unless, like Tennessee Whiskey, they received some letter from TTB or one of the previous agencies verifying that KSBW is considered an official and unique product or some such thing.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?