I was watching Ralfy's series on Bourbon, which as others have said, is great, and noticed that I'd never heard of one of his Bourbon's: Western Gold (see link below). I asked him about it and he sent me a bottle shot.

It turns out that it is a brand made for LIDL supermarket chain by a German Bottler known as Pabst & Richarz Vertriebs GmbH. Ralfy sent me a bottle shot and I noticed that the label said it was "straight" bourbon, but that the back label included the notation "with colouring."

Now, under US law, straight bourbon cannot include coloring, so I thought this was odd. Doing a little bit of amateur research on our trade agreements with the EU, from what I can gather, Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey are protected terms that must be made by the US definition (which is a bit strange given that there is no US definition of "Tennessee Whiskey"), but the term "straight" is not specifically subject to this protection.

This seems to mean that a Straight Bourbon bottled in the EU would have to meet the US definition of Bourbon (made in the USA, 51% corn, aged in new charred oak, etc.), but not the US definition of Straight, which means that it would not have to be two years old, could include coloring, etc.

Anyone with more knowledge know if this is correct or have anymore info?

And too our European friends, a big caveat emptor on straight Bourbons not bottled in the US.