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    Re: Bourbon received as gifts?

    Boone, was Heaven Hill making 1492 back in the seventies? From the way Larry lists the distiller and bottler it makes me wonder if his was produced about the time they took over the label. I'd guess H.H. was the "Nelson Distillery" bottler. Had there been a separate distillery called Dripping Springs in or near Bardstown that closed in the early '70s?


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    Re: Bourbon received as gifts?

    Heaven Hill owns both, Nelson Distillery and Dripping Springs. The label today (on the 1492)is by Nelson Distillery and Dripping Springs has it's own label. I know every label that Heaven Hill has!!!!!!!!!! It's a lot. It took a while to learn but I have been doing it for seven years and now it's a peice of cake.

    I have decided to move on, I guess it's the seven year itch. I was a Utility Operator before that and the Janitor before that. So I decided to make History at Heaven Hill. I am now the 1st Lady Mechanic at Heaven Hill. SO when you are drinking a product from a (glass) liter or 1.75 think of me they are my lines.

    Heaven Hill Distilleries

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    Re: Bourbon received as gifts?

    Boone, congratulations on your new, history-making gig. Smile for the cameras.

    --Chuck Cowdery

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    Re: Bourbon received as gifts?

    At George Dickel, there was a lady who was the still operator. Keep up the good work Boone and maybe you can equal or surpass this goal (maybe even a Master Distiller?)
    Mike Veach

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    Re: Boone\'s news

    Boone, congratulations. I've been out of the Forum for a few days or I'd have sent my regards sooner!




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