Greetings fellow Bourbon fans. I'm a newbie to the pleasures of Bourbon but my rookie-ness so far hasn't precluded me from enjoying my still beginner level forays into the world of Bourbon. It took a recent trip to Scotland to make me realize that Bourbon is better! (at least that's my humble opinion). Anyway, I have a question for this learned group. One bourbon I've recently tried and so far it's my favorite (although Old Forester isn't far behind) is 1843. When I bought my first bottle the clerk proudly pointed out that it is "bottled in bond" and of course that is listed on the label. So-- what exactly does this mean?

Also, I've recently had a chance to try Eagle Rare 10yo, Rip Van Winkle 12yo, Wathan's Single Barrel, Buffalo Trace, 1843, and Old Forester in a taste off. Wow, what an evening! Things sort of rapibly detiorated but if memory serves... they were all very good, but I was surprised that the 1843 (and OF too) held its own quite well. I think I liked the Wathan's Single Barrell best. Another question-- what is the story on David Nicholson's 1843? Is it well known, how is it regarded, etc?

Anyway, this is a great site and I've really enjoyed reading up on the old discussions to "smarten up" on the world of Bourbons.