I'm an American whiskey drinker pretty much exclusively. I don't like beer other than some home brew stuff a guy at work makes. Wine is ok, but I don't drink much. I don't like Scotch, Irish whisky, or Canadian whisky either. All have flavors I just can't get past. I'm looking at possibly trying some rum, gin, brandy, cognac or other non-vodka spirits. My one friend is a gin drinker and really likes it. Some of my other friends like rum and brandy. What's some good ones that are inexpensive to try? Also, looking at my above dislike list, what would be ones to avoid? I'm looking at maybe a bottle of this:


I'm all about BIB products and this would be a real variance from bourbons and ryes. Any thoughts, comments, or other info would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I should note I drink everything straight. I don't like mixing my drinks.