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I drink these all the time. In old cocktail books, it's often listed as a Frisco Sour, which I figure must have been a play on the Pisco Sour (not a bad drink in its own right - it was the house specialty at Hinky Dink's in Oakland, which went on to become Trader Vic's). Anyway, I make mine like this:

2 oz Rittenhouse BIB
1 oz Benedictine
slice lemon peel

Shake everything real good and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist. I find this works much better than adding actual lemon juice, the peel and Benedictine provide just the right amount of honey/lemon notes that works beautifully with the rye. I've tried this with bourbon, and it's not really the same thing at all - definitely a rye drink.
Thanks Drunkard -- I tried your recipe with Rittenhouse and I liked it best! It was good with lemon juice too, but it deboozed the drink a little too much. With the lemon juice, I found that EC12 worked better than Gentleman Jack, Rittenhouse, or brandy (I was getting pretty drunk toward the end). Booker's worked well too.