Maybe it's because I've always lived in state controlled liquor store states that this doesn't work....but, I dunno..a lot of y'all make posts on here with pictures of amazing booze you've found that some stores just RANDOMLY have in the back (I guess?) that are like 15-25 years old....and I simply have NO CLUE how you ever go about this process of randomly finding old, out of production nectar....can someone please explain exactly how you go about this whole process?!?!!?

I mean, I drop into liquor stores of interest whenever I see new ones, but I've always been in Oregon and Washington, and since the state runs those stores, they go through their stock super quickly, so how exactly do you all find, say, Wild Turkey from the '70's or Old Taylor?!?

Please educate, (if you don't mind, of course!), I'm completely clueless....