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    Punch & EWSB \'93

    Just sitting here relaxing with a very nice Punch Rothschild with what they call a "Rare Corojo" wrapper. I've never heard of such a wrapper before, but I do like. Mates up nicely with the latest expression of the Evan Williams Single Barrel - The vintage 1993. I'm going to have to get more of both of these. A very pleasent pairing to be sure. - Linn

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    Re: Punch & EWSB \'93

    Sounds great Linn. I love Punch cigars, especially the Rothchildes, though I have not had one with the Corojo wrapper. I have seen them around though. I have a couple of them in my humidor that I might have to break out, although I only have the EWSB 91 on hand at the moment.

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    Re: Punch & EWSB \'93


    Save that '91 and go for the '93. Burn a corojo wrapped Punch. You won't be sorry.




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