A new holiday eggnog recipe that we created bringing together the best of two classics with just a little more. Full article and recipe here: The Pepper Mint Julep Nog ...here's the recipe only...

The Pepper Mint Julep Nog

6 oz. Bourbon
4 Eggs
8 Egg Whites
2 Tbs Granulated Sugar
2 oz Heavy Cream
1 Drop Food-Grade Mint Essential Oil
Freshly-Cracked Peppercorn, to Garnish
Pulverized Candy Cane, to Garnish (optional, see below)

Place eggs, sugar, cream and oil in a blender and blend thoroughly. Add Bourbon and blend until well-frothed. Serve.

To brle candy cane, dip rim in water and then pulverized candy cane. Melt with a brle torch. Dip into candy again, repeating the process until desired
appearance. This will pleasantly affect the tasting experience, as the candy will coat the lips.

You may heat the nog by warming it in a double boiler, or by microwaving it (sans sugared rim!) for 45 seconds per cup.

Food-grade essential oils can generally be found at New-Age or Wiccan shops. They may also be purchased online. They may be easily incorporated into cocktails by adding 2 drops to a 1 cup water: 1 cup sugar simple syrup.