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    Branching Out From Single Malts

    Greetings all. Long time single malt drinker and I am just starting to discover some of the great bourbons and ryes out there. I thought I would pop over here and start to learn from the years of expertise over here

    Over the past month I have picked up a handful of bottles and have been enjoying all of them, well the ones I have opened so far. Some of the things on my shelf now:

    AH Hirsch 16
    Pappy 15
    WLW 2010
    GTS 2010
    Eagle Rare 17 2010
    Saz 18 2010
    Thomas Handy Rye 2009
    High West Rendezvous Rye
    Whistle Pig Rye

    And then some of these beauties. I haven't cracked any of them yet but I did get to taste some that Dan poured at the distillery and it was great stuff. A total butterscotch bomb!!
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