Hey! I'm on time this month. Thanks to a suggestion from Scott (CorvallisCracker), Henry Mckenna Single Barrel 10 yr BIB is this months bourbon of the month.

My thoughts; In nosing this, I smell citrus and eucalyptus as well as a touch of smoke/wood. As far as the taste goes, I haven't had a lot of bourbons from the HH lineup, but this is the first one that I've had where I can really taste the citrus flavor that everyone says is so prevalent in HH bourbons. It's a bit different for me, what with me being a wheater guy and all. Spice, citrus, and wood/smoke. Not a bad combination. The 100 proof gives it a bit of a bite, but it's more warming than overpowering. The finish is just fair. While it doesn't fade away into oblivion, it's not one that stays around very long either. IMHO, I think this is a pretty fair bourbon, at a decent price. IIRC, I paid around $25 for the bottle I have.

Let's here what you have to say. Cheers and have fun. Joe

PS. Once again I'd like to thank Scott, and all the other members who have given me ideas and suggestions. I appreciate all the help. Even though this isn't that hard of a job, it still makes it easier.