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    New batch naming system for Booker's

    I saw the new Booker's packaging and naming system for the first time today. I really like it. And after reading more about it on the Booker's web page, I like it even more. I know it is cheesy, but it's unique and makes for easy identification of the batches for 2015. The first is called "Big man, small batch" and the second is "Dot's batch" with more to come.

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    Re: New batch naming system for Booker's

    Hmmm, I need a different color of my favorite lure for every day of the week too. Can anybody help a brother out?

    It's not like they're picking honey barrels, dinking around with the profile, ultra aging one batch vs another, or adjusting the proof points here...

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    Re: New batch naming system for Booker's

    The only thing different about this from the Booker's we know is that it has a unique name instead of the standard alpha-numeric codes we're familiar with. It's still aged 6-8 years, it's still a small batch, it's still at barrel proof. It will just be easier to identify and remember which particular batches you really like. Of course this doesn't stop the status chasers from getting exciting and insisting that they have something special. An online retailer sold out of their shipment in less than a week because a bunch of people think this is a special limited release. Score one for Beam's marketing department.

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    Re: New batch naming system for Booker's

    Quote Originally Posted by flahute View Post
    Score one for Beam's marketing department.
    What Steve said. They paid attention to the effect that the "roundtables" had, and even the cult followings of some WFE bottles that have names - which are easier to remember/associate than a barrel/batch #. I do like the new system if only to make it easier to communicate about if someone finds a batch they think is pretty remarkable.
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    Re: New batch naming system for Booker's

    It's a short term marketing success. The more people are encouraged to hoard it now, the less they're going to need it later.

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    Re: New batch naming system for Booker's

    Honestly, I could never make heads or tails with the previous batch number system, so paid it no mind. It seems to me this does make it easier to follow, and presumably easier to ID recommended batches. Yay, good for us. Beam also capitalizes on the goofballs looking for the "specials" and buying what they might not have considered. Yay, good for them. Sounds like every 1's a winner, baby!...

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    Re: New batch naming system for Booker's

    Whats interesting is several stores are successfully marketing the name and selling out when it normally would take a while to sell out a batch. My usually place pointed it out to me and i passed saying it was just a regular Bookers batch with a cool name and I already hasd several bottles stashed.
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