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    Re: Whiskey Tree

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Beam, #4 char, Indepnedent Stave
    Beam Mashbill- all JB bourbons, Old Crow, Old Taylor*, Knob Creek, Baker's, Booker's
    Old Grandad Mashbill- OGD, Basil Hayden
    See this post. Third paragraph.

    Credible? You decide.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    LDI, ??? char, Independent Stave?
    Sells bourbon and rye for many brands including Templeton, Redemption et al, High West, W.H. Harrison, Cougar (Australia), Bulleit Rye and KBD. For a breakdown of the of corn, rye and bourbon whiskey mashbills used, see the LDI website: http://www.lawrenceburgdistillersind...om/Custom.aspx
    Obsolete link.

    Replaced by this one on the MGP (new owners) site.

    The percentage of rye is indicated for the Rye Whiskey, but for the three bourbons it would appear that the figure given is for the percentage that is not corn, which suggests that whoever authored the page is not what you'd call bourbon knowledgeable.

    Fortunately the listed whiskeys link to pages which give the actual mash bill.

    Some interesting looking stuff down under Alcohol - Food Grade Industrial. The SDA-29 sounds tasty...(Homer Simpson voice)...mmmm....acetaldehyde....
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