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    Re: Whiskey Tree

    Mashbill Source: Regan & Regan, The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskeys (London: Mixellany) 2009, unless otherwise noted. Barton, WT, and Dickel are noted as approximate.

    Brand Name (%corn/%rye or wheat/%malted barley)

    Whiskey Tree, 5.0

    Note: These tree is only a breakdown of "macro" distillers

    Barton-1792, #3 char, Independent Stave

    Barton (75/15/10)- Very Old Barton all proofs +???
    1792 (high barley?)- 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, +???
    Other Bourbons: Tom Moore BiB, Kentucky Gentleman, Kentucky Tavern, Ten High, Walker's Delluxe, other "cats & dogs".The rest, unknown
    Rye 37/53/10? (speculation based on label of High West Double Rye!)- Fleischman's Rye
    Before it was purchased by Sazerac, sold to a lot of NDPs.

    Beam, #4 char, Indepnedent Stave
    Beam Mashbill (76/13/10)- all JB bourbons, Old Crow, Old Taylor*, Knob Creek, Baker's, Booker's
    Old Grandad Mashbill (63/27/10)- OGD, Basil Hayden
    Rye- JB Rye, Old Overholt, Riš, Knob Creek Rye

    Brown-Forman, #3 char, Brown-Forman Cooperage
    Old Forester (72/18/10)- Old Forester, Woodford Reserve
    Early Times (79/11/10)
    Jack Daniels (80/8/12)
    Rye (see Heaven Hill below)- Current source of Heaven Hill's Pikeville and Rittenhouse ryes.
    Also sells to many NDPs.

    Buffalo Trace, #4 char, Independent Stave
    #1, higher corn BT White Dog, Benchmark, Buffalo Trace, Old Charter, Eagle Rare, Col. E.H. Taylor, Geo. T. Stagg
    #2, lower corn- Ancient Age*, Elmer T. Lee*, Hancock*, Blanton's*, Rock Hill Farms*, Virginia Gentleman/Bowman Bourbons?
    Wheat bourbon: Everything Weller, Van Winkle Special Reserve "Lot B"*, Old Rip Van Winkle*, Pappy Van Winkle 15 y/o*
    Rye: Sazerac, Bowman Rye, Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye* (?)

    Diageo, char #3, Indpendent Stave
    Dickel (80/12/8)George Dickel, Cascade Hollow

    Four Roses, #3.5 char
    Has 2 mashbills and 5 yeasts.
    All Ten Combinations- Four Roses (yellow label)
    OBSK, OBSO, OESK, OESO- Four Roses Small Batch
    OBSV- Four Roses Single Barrel
    All the combinations are also available as Single Barrel, Barrel Strength retailer bottlings.

    Also sells whiskey to Diageo that goes into Bulleit (from the high rye OBS recipes) and I.W. Harper (not available in the U.S.) and produces the overseas version of McKenna. For more information, including mashbills, see Oscar's chart here.

    Heaven Hill, #3 char, Indpendent Stave
    Rye Bourbon (75/13/12)- Heaven Hill, J.T.S. Brown, T.W. Samuels, Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna (U.S.), Parker's Heritage (except for 2010), et al. Also probably the source of Luxco's Ezra Brooks line and the current Yellowstone.
    Wheat Bourbon- Old Fitzgerald, Parker's Heritage 2010. Also probably the source of Luxco's Rebel Yell and Rebel Reserve.
    Wheat Whiskey- Bernheim Original
    Rye Whiskey (37/51/12, aprox.)**- Future source of Pikesville and Rittenhouse 80 & BiB, Stephen Foster, current source of Rittenhouse 21 & 23 (?)
    Corn Whiskey: Mellow Corn, JW Corn, Georgia Moon, Platte Valley*
    Also sells to many NDPs.

    LDI, ??? char, Independent Stave?
    Sells bourbon and rye for many brands including Templeton, Redemption et al, High West, W.H. Harrison, Cougar (Australia), Bulleit Rye and KBD. For a breakdown of the of corn, rye and bourbon whiskey mashbills used, see the MGP website: http://www.mgpingredients.com/product-list/

    Maker's Mark, #3 char, Independent Stave
    Maker's Mark (70/16/14)

    Wild Turkey, #4 "the heavy char", Independent Stave
    Bourbon (75/13/12)- Wild Turkey, Russell's Reserve Bourbon
    Rye (37/51/12, aprox.)**- Wild Turkey Rye, Russell's Reserve Rye

    Brands on the market with whiskey from closed distilleries:
    Medley Rye- Older bottlings of Hirsch, post-PA Michter's(?), Black Maple Hill rye, others?
    Mix of Medley Rye and Cream of Kentucky rye (Bernheim distillery)- Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye.
    Stitzel-Weller bourbon- Pappy Van Winkle (20 & 23 only?), Jefferson's Reserve 17, 18 et al

    A few American bottlers and/or marketers have been purchasing 100% rye rye from a Canadian distillery or distilleries. It is often presumed these are from Alberta distillers in Calgary, but as of yet there is no firm evidence. So far, these are Whistle Pig, Jefferson's and Masterson's Rye. Jefferson's may be switching to American-made rye.

    *Brand(s) not wholly owned by the distiller.
    **Based on more current information.

    PROBLEMS/QUESTIONS/CONTROVERSIES: Regan & Regan list an approximate mashbill for all the bourbons made at "Ancient Age Distillery" as 80/10/10. That can't be right, but which mashbill does that represent, #1 or #2?

    Also, a mashbill of 75/20/5 is listed for Old Fitz, Weller and Rebel Yell while at Bernheim. What is the current mashbill?

    How much Stitzel-Weller is in Pappys 20 & 23, if any?

    How much Medley and Cream of Kentucky Rye does VWFRR contain, and how much Buffalo Trace distillate?

    Again, if anybody sees anything screwy, don't be shy! Post it here so it can be corrected.
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