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    "Old" old charter 7 year vs. "New" 8 year question?

    A local liquor store has a lot of "old" Old Charter 7 year at about the same price as the "new" Old Charter 8. Is the old stuff any better and warrant me buying it up. I would say it is probably 20 years old or so based on some of the other stuff they have had.

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    Re: "Old" old charter 7 year vs. "New" 8 year question?

    Personally, I dislike both the old 7 and the new 8.

    BUT...if you like butterscotch (I mean, you really REALLY like butterscotch) you might like the old 7. A lot of folks love it. I like butterscotch on the palate and in the nose, but the OC 7 I acquired a while back was just too much for me. I nearly gagged.
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