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    Single malt stuff (was: Rare Breed - BBD Bottling)

    Hey John, I'm just curious...what were the particular single malts that had this FWP aroma?


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    Re: \"Rare Breed -- BluesBassDad Bottling\"

    It was most prominent in the Bowmore Darkest, but was also found in the 12yo and 17yo and possibly others. I must have been fortunate: I have had one bottle each of the Darkest and 17yo in the last two years and neither was contaminated by FWP (as far as my schnoz could tell).


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    Re: \"Rare Breed -- BluesBassDad Bottling\"

    I bought some Bowmore Darkest and found it wonderful. About the same time a friend mentioned he had a bottle that reeked of FWP that I could have. It was like a totally different malt. I do seem to have a high FWP tolerence, because although that bottle was not great like my other, I still found it drinkable.



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