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    Re: Christmas Party Bourbon

    Kind of late to chime in now, but I'm surprised no one mentioned Four Roses. Good bourbon and you could tell them the neat story of its fall from grace when Seagrams bought them and its recent return to being one of the top sellers.
    There's no such thing as bad whiskey, there's only over priced whiskey.

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    Re: Christmas Party Bourbon

    The response to the bourbon went pretty well. A couple guys ended up mixing it with coke since "you didn't bring Jack" . Several tried it straight or with ice and they gave it high marks. The only one who I think I brought over to our side was a 23 year old female coworker (my wife was with me the whole night so I had to be a gentleman lol...) She really enjoyed it and asked a lot of questions about the production of bourbon. I ended up giving her the half full bottle at the end of the night.

    Thanks for all your suggestions guys. If I were 10 years younger and single I might have ended up with her number thanks to bourbon
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    Re: Christmas Party Bourbon

    Glad to hear it went well, and thanks for being a fine ambassador for Bourbonia. It sure seems that the ERSB was a really good choice to take. BTW, way to go with the potential conversion of the 23 year old gal. We need more of them on the site to liven it up. I mean, we've become so geeky with our favorit spirit, that we're beginning to post charts and diagrams, for Pete's sake!

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    Re: Christmas Party Bourbon

    I second what smokinjoe said. Glad it all went well. Cheers to you Soad! Joe (the other one)
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