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    Weller 12 in South Metro Atlanta

    Do any of my fellow Atlanta bourbonites who reside in the "southern crescent" know "for sure" of a package store that has Weller 12 in stock? I look every place I go but have not been able to find it (though we did find a nice bottle of W. L. Weller Barrel Strength). Failing that, anywhere in the Atlanta Metro area would be helpful (Been to Green's, Mac's and a few others and no luck).

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    Re: Weller 12 in South Metro Atlanta

    Hey, Blues. I've never seen Weller 12 in the Atlanta area. However, there is a member here (Tucker), who has posted that he purchased one in the area last Spring. You might PM him to see. I'll be making a trip to Tennessee next week. I can scout out a bottle for you there, if you like. I'm sure I could get it to you soon afterwards. Just let me know.

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