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    NY Times Article on Craft Distillers

    I see my alma mater enters into this discussion. Of course I did get 2 credit hours my senior year for the intro to wines and spirits class.

    Anyway, this is an informative short article with a focus on upstate NY area.

    Doe anybody have a running tally of the craft distillers that are cropping up and their current product lines?

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    Re: NY Times Article on Craft Distillers

    I try to keep a running tally of all American whiskey distilleries and brands that are currently in production, though there are so many that I add to it every few weeks or so.


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    Re: NY Times Article on Craft Distillers

    In the NYT article, Frank Coleman of DISCUS says there are 220 U.S. distilleries. Roughly counting the major bourbon and NGS distilleries as about 20, that would mean about 200 microdistilleries. I think the ADI quotes a higher number, closer to 300, but I trust DISCUS more than ADI when it comes to facts.



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