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    How do you cut your cigars?

    What type of cigar cutter to you prefer? Right now I am using a double bladed guillotine style cutter. I have recently been playing around with a punch cutter, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Anyone use a "V" cutter? Or, do you just chew off the end?

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    Re: How do you cut your cigars?

    I use all three. I cut the cap at the shoulder on 48 and larger ring guages. V-cutter on 48 to somewhere around 44 ring guage and a punch on the smallest ring guages. I guess if I had to choose just one it would be the V-cutter. It seems to let the cigar breathe easier without having to spit out tobacco if you clip the cap too short as with the gullitine.

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    Re: How do you cut your cigars?

    The double-bladed guillotine cutter is the most efficient cutter. It damages the cigar less due to its design, and allows for the cleaner cut and provides ample room for a good draw. The "V" cutter/punch cutter have been known to damage the "cap" no matter how careful or how much expertise you might have. See ya, H'wood

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    Re: How do you cut your cigars?

    I use a camp axe! Just place your stick on a nearby stump and ...WACK! Ready to smoke. - Don't mind me - just Linn

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    Re: How do you cut your cigars?

    How can I possible respond to Jeff seriously?
    I've used the punch and find it adequate for just about everything I smoke. Now mind you, anything above a 48 ring g. leaves me dizzy and eventually hungover, so most of my session are double corona or smaller. I have used single and double blade cutters and they work just fine. I've never really damaged a cigar so that it was unsmokable or ended up spitting out pieces of wrapper. I will tell you that the Clint Eastwood chomp does not work effectively. You can really get carried away with cigar paraphernalia, between humidors, lighters, cutters, ash trays etc. Doesn't it seem like the prices are jacked up, just because they're for cigars.
    I would go with Linn's technique, but I bet security'd have an issue with me carrying an axe into Churchill Downs or Keeneland.

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    Re: How do you cut your cigars?

    OK Ed you win! You can't carry an axe into a spoting event anymore [What the Hell Has happened to America anyway?] So what to choose to de-cap you fine hand rolled cigar? Take the McGiver aproach of course! He used a Swiss Army Knife for everything [except when he wanted to make an explosive device - then he used a penis and some hand lotion!] The special cigar smoker's Swiss Army Knife has a pair of cigar sissors that have $100 cutters rolling with pain! You want a good clean cut? Go Swiss Army! - On sale where ever Frenchmen fear to tread. - Linn



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