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    Re: Camacho Impressions and Opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Boozer View Post
    Have an opportunity to pick up a box of the triple maduro at a really discount price. Anybody else have an opinion on this cigar. Will likely buy a single stick to try. Do enjoy maduros.
    I was given a 5 pack of the maduros a long time ago. Smoked the first one and it reminders me of the junk they tried to pass off as cigars during the cigar boom. Let them air in my humidor for a year hoping some additional time in cedar would help. Smoked the second one and... well... my roses really enjoyed the ground up remains of the other 3.

    Now, in all fairness it has been about 10 years since I have touched one, but the Cotonou was the only one I found smokable, and even then hardly worth their price.

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    Re: Camacho Impressions and Opinions?

    These used to be very good cigars back in the day when Chistian ran the small business. The original SLR was a great stick.... going back 12-15 years. Big, rich, powerful and cheap. Since the 2008 acquisition they have IMO lost their touch to make a decent cigar...
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    Re: Camacho Impressions and Opinions?

    I smoked a Camacho Torpedo today that was pretty damn good.
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    Re: Camacho Impressions and Opinions?

    tried a namakubi and a triple maduro last week; both were well done but the namakubi was something very interesting; will have to try a box of those.

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    Re: Camacho Impressions and Opinions?

    Success!! A couple fellow SB'ers and I attended a Bourbon & Cigar Dinner at a steak joint in Buckhead, where I had a Camacho Corojo Toro Natural. All of the negative things I had experienced and reported up thread with this brand in the past, were absent. Mild, nutty, full flavor. Nothing harsh about it. Drew perfectly, and beautiful even burn. Top notch. I'll be picking some of these up for the coolidor. Actually, looking forward to trying this one again as soon as possible.

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