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    Re: Ice Ball Maker from Maker's Mark

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    While the balls are great, an easier way to make a single, big ice cube is cut off the bottom of a plastic water bottle and use that as a mold. Pick a bottle that's just a little smaller than the glass you want to use. Similar effect, but a lot easier to make.
    The MM molds were super easy for me to use.... I just gave it to Barb !

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    Re: Ice Ball Maker from Maker's Mark

    I love the MM ice balls. I placed one in s highball glass with ER 17 yerterday and left it on the counter while I finished putting up the christmas decorations. I heard a loud "POP" and looked back at the glass. The ball had shattered into about six pieces and splashed my bourbon all over the counter. Only lost some bourbon and glad it didn't happen while in hand, kicked back and relaxing in the easy chair. tim

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    Re: Ice Ball Maker from Maker's Mark

    Quote Originally Posted by kickert View Post
    I am a member of most of the Bourbon groups (ambassadors, mellow moments, stillhouse, etc.) and the iceball maker is the only holiday item I received.
    You may want to follow up on the Mellow Moments membership to make sure they've got you. I got two mailings from them: the ornament and a Christmas card. The card appeared to actually be signed by a whole mess of people. Julie wrote my name, so I know she signed it.



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