Okay, so I've spent the last couple of months sampling may bourbons (some of them higher shelf, some upper-middle and so not so much) in order to test out a few theories regarding my tastes. Honestly, I don't consider myself to be an expert in ANYTHING other than what pleases my own palette and my soul.

Recently, I could not resist the beautiful bottle that Ridgemont Reserve 1792 comes in. Truly, it is one of the more beautiful bottles I've seen. And being a fan of VOB BIB, I decided to sample this higher end Barton product.

The magnum of RR was (pricewise) just about identical to one of my very favorites, EC12. Not up to my "color test", but I wanted to compare it side by side with VOB BIB, and so I did.

Conclusions: When I want to spend $50 on a magnum, I'll save it for the EC12. But I will keep this gorgeous bottle, and use it for holding my open bottle of VOB BIB. The VOB is more flavorful and more to my liking. Not to mention that is is HALF THE PRICE of the RR 1792.

Anybody else find themselves drawing similar conclusions?