I can't believe I have the BOTM posted on time two months in a row. Probably the last time that will happen.

The bourbon from the movie The Hustler. Here is the exchange between Fast Eddie Felsen (Paul Newman) and Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) from what I could find. Fats says, "Preach! Go down and get me some White Tavern whiskey, a glass and some ice." Then Eddie says, "Preacher! Go on down and get me some bourbon. J. T. S. Brown. No ice, no glass." Gotta love it.

I know J.T.S. Brown BIB isn't distributed to very many parts of the country, (Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and ???? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. ) but I have seen the 80 proof version here in Illinois and Wisconsin. This bourbon seems to pop up from time to time here in posts, and conversations in the chat room. I believe that a lot of us are familiar with it, so I thought why not use it as the BOTM.

So let 'er rip. What say yee about J.T.S. Brown BIB? If you have any comments on the 80 proof version, go ahead and post those too. What the heck? As far as my two cents, well......... I don't have one in the cabinet at the moment. Alas, I forgot to get a couple of bottles the last time I was down in Bardstown. To me J.T.S. Brown BIB is very similar to many other BIB's. Some that I've had that come to mind are, Ancient Age BIB, Evan Williams BIB and Heaven Hill 6 year Old BIB, which I just happen to be enjoying as I write this. From what I can remember, the nose is a bit nutty with an earthy quality to it. The taste is about the same, but with that added touch of alcohol/citrus that HH is known for. Not drab and not overpowering. Easy going from start to finish. Just plain good. J.T.S. Brown is nothing fancy, but it delivers more than what you pay for it. It's a bourbon that has a good flavor, and can be purchased at a great price. What more can you say? A truly great value pour. I sure hope it stays around a while.

Cheers and Happy New Year! Joe