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This is the first time the phrase "sweet cream tea" has been used on the board and I confess to having not a clue to what it means. Is it akin to the $1 sweet tea I see advertised at the junk food places? Do people add cream to that? Sounds as abominable as it must taste, if so.
I group them together, because it really kind of just rolls all together for me, rather than being separate and distinct sweet notes, and cream notes, and mild tea notes. Basically you have a a cream note, with just a hint of sweetness; just a hint, amped up a smidge by a light bit of integrated vanilla. The cream sometimes has just a bit of dried field corn that pops in and out. Then added to that a mild black tea note, like what you get when you pour cream into a cup of black tea, it brings down the "volume" on the nose and rounds it out at the same time.

This combination pops out to me in all HH whiskeys until they get old enough that it disappears, much like Beam's grain notes, or Old Forester's "blonde wood" notes. It is only just there in the 2001 EWSB, just as OF's "blonde wood" note in the 2000, and only on days that my nose is behaving itself.