Ok, here's one thing I notice here....we discuss price, we discuss value, we discuss flavor, but we rarely ever see any discussion or listing of people's fave juice under given price points...so, let's do it. This is for bourbon only, but I will do this in the Rye group as well....

I want you to give me your personal fave picks for bourbon under 6 distinct price points...ready? Hopefully this will work for a way for some folks to see new suggestions of great stuff and to get inspiration.... I'll start (All prices should INCLUDE sales tax, this is the final purchase price here, folks)

Under $20 - I'm a bitch, I don't like any bourbon under $20....except maybe Ancient Age? I dunno, there's not a lot to choose from here in LA that's under $20....suggestions appreciated!

$21-30 - Buffalo Trace. Why? Cuz. Makes great mixers, and can be had neat or on the rocks...and just delivers value like a champion. Love it. (Quick shout out to Bulleitt as my 2nd place finisher, we're really good homies still, aight?)

$31-45 - Ezra B 12 yr single barrel - my intro to single barrel bourbon, this was my gateway bourbon that brought me into this whole obsession. Every time I have it, it brings me back to that moment...always nice, and typically about $35/bottle, on the bottom of this range.

$46-60. Here we have the sweet spot - you can get almost any booze you want in this range that's decent, but not the top flight stuff, all the goodies are here like Rockhill Farms, BMH, Pappy 15 (in some places)..... My pick - Blanton's Single Barrel. Best bottle design EVER (I call it the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch,) and it's the single barrel bourbon that kicked off the entire small batch craze...for $50, how can you argue against it?!?!?!

$61-80 - Stagg. Duh.

$81-Whatever - Pappy 20. Again, duh. I don't, as a rule, spend over $100 on a bottle of booze.....and Stagg costs less than $80, so it gotta be the 20.

Add on! Oh, and please, let's keep this discussion to current products, I don't give a damn that you picked up a dusty of Old Forester from '85 and it cost $12, and you think I should try it. Sorry, padna, that ain't relevant.